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What Happens if You are Unable to Decide on a Child Custody Agreement?

Creating a child custody agreement outside of the courtroom can be far less expensive and time-consuming than the alternatives. This can also be the best option if both parents have an amicable relationship and there are minimal complications regarding the circumstances.

However, it may be time to try a different course of action if the parties find that they are having a difficult time reaching a consensus on their own. This will help ensure that a successful agreement can be created and put in place as soon as possible.

Remember to Compromise

It is important to compromise while drafting a child custody agreement. Even though it may seem obvious, remember that the parameters of a child custody agreement should be based around the best interests of the children and not the parents.

Parents can fail to agree on a child custody arrangement if one parent feels like they are compromising on more issues than the other parent. When this happens, the parent who is compromising more may feel like they are being taken advantage of. Instead of looking at the situation from this perspective, each parent should be open to to compromise whenever it benefits the children.

Attend Mediation

Involving a neutral third party can be extremely beneficial if one or both parents are struggling to reach an agreement. Mediation involves meeting for two to three hours with a professional mediator without a judge present. This gives the parents an opportunity to discuss concerns and objectives in a confidential setting with the help of the mediator. A great resource during this important decision process, mediators are trained professionals who have experience in handling child custody agreements. A mediator will help outline the issues at hand and create an environment to adequately solve these disagreements.

When Does Hiring a Lawyer Become Necessary?

Some child custody cases can be too complex for two people to figure out alone or in mediation. Hiring an attorney could be the right decision if this becomes the case. Because of their extensive experience and knowledge in the field, family law attorneys can help reduce the amount of time and energy needed to reach a complicated agreement.

If you or a loved one is having a difficult time reaching an agreement in a child custody case, contact us for a legal consultation. With 30 years of experience, we will work to give you and your children the best outcome possible.

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